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The Importance of In-Fill

Updated: Mar 17, 2019

What is it and why this form of development is garnering such high praise.

Robbin Place Infill Lot 2009

Also termed redevelopment or land recycling, infill development makes use of vacant or underused property between existing buildings.

New, urban infill homes are often very appealing to young professionals and others wanting to live in the “heart” of the city and enjoy the features of upscale new construction. While it's easy to see the upside of urban infill projects, it often requires some real commitment by the developer to overcome the challenges posed by zoning, variances, permitting, utilities and bringing surrounding infrastructure up to current standards.

Robbin Place and it's developer Paul Rising, are good example of the kind of improvement and appealing outcome that can result from a vision and commitment to creating these opportunities.

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